Funerals for Military Veterans

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Funerals for Military Veterans

military funerals

Funerals memorializing the ones we love are difficult to plan for, particularly when those loved ones are veterans. Our veterans mean so much to us and so it’s important to go out of our way to show just how much they mean to us. So how can we make a veteran funeral more special? What events features or ceremonies can you add for your loved one to celebrate their life?

Military Display

Having a military display at the funeral is a great way to celebrate an important part of your loved one’s life. Placing pictures, medals, a flag and other mementos that were important to the deceased can make the funeral that much more meaningful. A thoughtful display will allow many of those that served with your loved one the ability to grieve properly and remember the sacrifice that was made. This type of display overall will help celebrate their life, memory and a large part of what defines them.

Guest’s Mementos

Often times people want to be part of funerals and to show their love and respect to the dearly departed. One great way to do it is by allowing them to bring mementos to the funeral to leave at the grave site. This might include flags as well as other small tokens that guests find significant.

Highlight their uniform

For many people the military uniform is a hard decision to come to. Some want to frame it and put it on display, some want to pass it on to loved ones. There is no wrong answer when it comes to honoring your loved ones at funerals. Many people decide that they want the departed however to be in full uniform during the funeral. Some also ask others that served with them, as well as other family and friends that are currently serving to wear the uniform in solidarity.

Celebrate who they were outside the military

Sometimes we get so caught up in the service of those we love we forget that it’s only part of who they are. Honoring who they were at home is also important. Making sure that those that served along your loved one know who they were at play, as a spouse, or as a parent. Telling stories of private moments, sharing letters that might have been exchanged while they were deployed all help give those attending the funeral the kind of person they were.

There is no wrong answer to what may or may not honor someone at a funeral. The most important thing is that we honor them in a way they would want as well as in a way that will help attendees grieve. Military service men and women put their lives on the line to serve their nation. Honoring them and letting others know the kinds of values that they stood for and the sacrifices they made can help some grieve and will help inspire others to perhaps want to follow in their footsteps. In the end, there might be nothing better to honor your loved one by having their story inspire others.

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